1. Afternoon Delight

  2. a bright future

  3. vamosvideo:

    The Beastie BOYYYS!
    They are they comin’ home
    They comin’ home
    Oh, they comin’ home
    To all their fans, they are they comin’ home
    They’re comin’ home, oh, they’re comin’ home

  5. Girl Drink Drunk

  6. unrealistic standards of beauty for children 


  8. Jay-Z “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”Start Screen

  9. The Bird Peterson Holiday Spectacular! 

    Bird Peterson is a generous dude. He gives and gives and gives. Like this gift to the world: “The Bird Peterson Holiday Spectacular” a 30 minute mix of holiday jams that aren’t played out. An instant classic, here are some words from Bird on the Mix:

    "Join together around the fire and enjoy an album’s worth of nods to nostalgia, love, memories of Christmas past, collapsing relationships, holiday tv specials, seasonal affective disorder, and so much more! If this doesn’t put you in some sort of spirit, you’re just being a douche. Enjoy!!!!!"

    This year, i wanted to follow suit and give something back to the world, and to the Bird. So here is a full length video treatment of “The Holiday Spectacular”, that i hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays.

    Listen to “The New and Improved!” Bird Peterson Holiday Spectacular (Special Edition) on Soundcloud:


    And be his friend, you guys:


  10. Showreel — 2013

    Compilation / Showreel of work from 2006-2013.

    All Footage © of respective Studios.

    Music: Danny Brown “Grown Up” Ⓟ 2012 Fool’s Gold Records

  11. mymodernmet:

    Uncured by Ben DeHaan

    Photos printed without exposure to UV light, which is normally used to dry the ink instantaneously. “The images are printed uncured and flat, then positioned vertically allowing the ink to run.”

    (via mfairchild)

  13. wwwtxt:

    BARCODES ▰ Cover of Acorn User ☯84DEC | The barcode at the wrist is for the magazine itself!

  15. acidyazz:

    Feeling this art gallery: http://idlescreenings.com/